Terms and conditions

Warranties and responsibilities

The warranty provided by Profilitec is as follows:

Before adopting the recommendations and suggestions in our website, we kindly ask you to check that the articles you have chosen meet your requirements and targets and are suitable to the required rates of mechanical and chemical resistance. Calculations regarding loads, positioning, mechanical and chemical resistance as well as the suitability of each single trim/profile/movement joint and structural joint and the consequent choice of such articles, should be necessarily evaluated by a competent professional.

Profilitec SpA accepts no responsibility nor will offer any explicit or implicit warranty for wrong choice of articles or of installation and misuse of the materials, nor for possible delays in delivery. In case of damage due to faulty material or to errors in production we will bear only the charge of the replacement of the faulty goods.

Profilitec accepts no responsibility whatsoever for the consequences arising from an incorrect employment of products. Profilitec SpA. reserves the right to make changes to products, packaging and any other element without obligation of prior notice.