Product Ranges

A Guide to Finding Your Trim

  • Each trim can come in different sizes, materials, finishes – but to make it easy to identify which one you require, each trim has an identifying Article Code (Art. Code) in the catalogue that identifies and distinguishes all these. You can accurately let us know which trim you are interested in by quoting this code when inquiring.
  • The Article Code is composed of three parts; the trim code, the size indicator, and finish code (e.g RJF 125 AS, TR 100 IL, PT 200 ON). Most Profilitec trims come in the same length of 2.7m, so the last part of the code is 270 for many of the trims, though a select few are produced in different sizes. These can be searched for directly in the catalogue, and allow you to easily reference the trim to us so we can accurately determine price if you’re seeking a quote, or query for stock if you’re wanting to know how much of the trim is available for immediate delivery.
  • Please feel free to use the categories section below to narrow down our selection to what you require.
  • Once you’ve found which trim you’re interested in, you can use the Profilitec Catalogue to find details of the trim, including all available sizes, finishes, and the price per meter of each variant. You can view it here!
  • All available trim finishes can be viewed here. Please be aware not every finish is available for every trim.
  • If you’re unsure which material is most suitable for what you require, please visit our materials overview page to learn more.