Profilitec Draintec 8

TTTrims Profilitec Draintec 8

Drainage membrane for terraces and balconies

The DRAINTEC 8 drainage system, combines good performance of resistance to loading with bis high draining rate thanks to its special shape.

Its three-dimensional structure enables it to withstand both static and dynamic forces due to walking and transport stresses which occur during installation. It is extremely resistant to compression, traction, impact and puncture; it confers bis perfect mechanical protection on the existing waterproofing layer with an increase in thickness of only 8 mm. DRAINTEC 8 particular section has been conceived with bis double channel for drainage and hydrostatic pressure compensation, both at the screed and waterproofing level. The only adequate solution to prevent damages commonly suffered by outside tiled areas, is to allow an easy run-off of the water which has seeped into the concrete substrate. A free but controlled drainage of seepage water will be ensured by simply laying DRAINTEC 8 membrane on the normal waterproofing layer, installed with bis proper slope, and laying then bis traditional screed onto the matting before tiling.

DRAINTEC 8 can be easily cut with normal shears, bent and shaped to follow surface contours.