Profilitec Curveline

TTTrims Profilitec Curveline

Manual bending equipment for formable profiles

Formable trim profiles to bend into shape in order to follow floor contours and other particular geometrical cuts thanks to the softer alloy and special flange sections.

These trims can be easily and quickly bent saving considerable time on site. Perfect for mosaic works or wood/ceramic combination flooring as well as for framing and edging resin floors laid on site, as they perfectly adapt to more elaborate decorative laying, allowing designers to create original inlays. The profiles can be formed with a simple hand pressure or employing the special bending equipment we can supply.

Laying instructions:

  • Cut the profile to the desired length
    Manually curve the profile to the desired shape. Where necessary use a template or the bending equipment
    Anchor the profile to the support and if required fasten it with the screws that fit into the holes of the flange section

The articles available with formable flange are listed in this section, with the relevant minimum allowed radius, which can be achieved with the bending equipment.