About us

TTTrims, part of Tilers Tools is a trading division of Aquacut Limited, a company with a long history serving the building industry.


Based in Cheshire, North West England, TTTrims is a further development of our Tilers Tools brand.
TTTrims is the official sole UK distributor for Profilitec SpA (see details below).  We stock, sell and deliver Profilitec trims, profiles and wet room products throughout the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

Staffed by building professionals, TTTrims was established to serve building professionals.  From discussions with many people working in the building industry, it is clear that there is a demand for high class trims, profiles and wet room systems, offered at reasonable prices aimed at the building and landscaping sectors.  TTTrims is a challenger brand at the top end of the trims and profiles market.

TTTrims will provide:

  • Next business day delivery for the majority of purchases
  • Expert advice from seasoned professionals who have hands-on experience of the trims and profiles market in the UK
  • Easy access to obtain quotations and samples
  • A unique stock reference system that protects the integrity of architects’ and designers’ project specifications against substitution with inferior products
  • Training academy holding training sessions in Cheshire and Italy for distributors and retailers selling our products

TTTrims has an extensive stock of Profilitec trims, profiles and wet-room systems. Thus we can offer next day deliveries for the majority of sales. We always recommend agreeing stocking programs, especially for large commercial and retail projects.

Profilitec S.p.A.

Italy is famed for its world-leading position in the tiling industry and has many world-famous businesses serving that sector. Profilitec is one of those with a first class reputation. Located in Vicenza, close to the heart of the tiling industry, the company has valuable links to ceramic and porcelain tile manufacturers. Profilitec has a long history of design innovation and manufacturing so is able to create products in response to developments in tile manufacturing and trends in building design.

Since 1966, Profilitec designs and manufactures in Italy, so its products are of high quality and technical ability, designed to give long faithful service. Over the years the company has developed an extensive and leading range of high-quality trims, profiles and wet-room products. The company invests significantly in research and design, ensuring its products lead the market whether in commercial, retail or domestic situations.

Through the years Profilitec S.p.A. has always adhered to three basic principles: High technical ability, excellence in design innovation and manufacturing and reliability in supply-chain management.

Aquacut Limited

Aquacut was established in the 1990’s to provide waterjet cutting services to the building industry. Around 90% of its sales are to businesses in that sector and its products are shipped around the world, such is the company’s reputation.

In response to market demand, Aquacut has developed expertise in a unique range of services around building finishes in tiles and stone. While water jet cutting remains an important activity valued by our clients, around half of Aquacut’s business arises from the company’s added value services. These services include bullnosing, etching, painting, epoxy bonding, sand-blasting, mechanical fixing, templating, step tread manufacture, anti-slip surfaces/designs, swimming pool features such as pool nosings and drainage tiles and production of corporate logos, motifs and signs. Aquacut’s range of services makes us a unique supplier of building finishes in the United Kingdom.

Combining a number of the services offered, Aquacut’s clients can showcase their design capability by creating bespoke building finishes that are unique, beautiful and highly functional. No wonder the arrangement between Aquacut and Profilitec is compelling.

Aquacut’s experienced team are always happy to discuss clients’ evolving ideas, however tentative these may be.